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Are you looking for Air Conditioning repair services near Moore, Oklahoma? Arthur’s Air Conditioning and Heating delivers high-quality results on every single job. The reviews don’t lie – we pride ourselves on our flawless track record and aren’t satisfied until our customers feel like they’ve received 5-star treatment. When’s the last time your air conditioning equipment had a tune-up? We can get that scheduled for you in no time at all.

AC Repair
Diagnosing problems with your air conditioning units isn’t always easy. If you suspect something’s wrong, it’s best to get a pair of expert eyes on it.
AC Maintenance
Your HVAC equipment needs periodic servicing and maintenance if it’s going to perform throughout an entire season. Air conditioners are no different. Don’t wait for a scorching mid-Summer day to find out your air conditioners are busted.
AC Installations
An Arthur's HVAC expert needs to run a series of checks and tests to assess and determine whether or not to replace your air conditioner. Let us help with the installation of a new, energy-efficient air conditioning system.
24 Hour Emergency AC Services
Your HVAC equipment won't wait for a convenient time to malfunction. So when you're in a pinch and need a fast repair or replacement, give Arthur's a call.

Our Moore, OK HVAC technicians can help you with:

AC System Installation
24/7 Emergency Repair
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Ductless Mini Split Systems
Building Envelope Tests
AC Filter Replacement

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Does Your Air Conditioner Need to be Replaced?

We will run a series of checks and tests to assess and determine whether or not to replace your air conditioner. First, they’ll inspect your ductwork to ensure there aren’t air-flow obstructions. After that, the technician will check your air filters and test to see that your home is adequately sealed. Leaks in your home’s building envelope can easily mislead you into thinking your air conditioning unit is underperforming.
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Air Conditioning Repair Services

Frequent Cycling
Your air conditioners should follow a relatively consistent cycling pattern unless it’s working extra hard on an incredibly hot day. If you notice your AC is switching off and on more than usual, it’ll most likely need some servicing.
Refrigerant Leak
Refrigerant is an essential compound responsible for air conditioning, refrigeration, and freezing. Consequently, your air conditioner will not work correctly if refrigerant levels are too low from either a leak or insufficient levels from an installation.
Broken Compressor Fan
If your compressor fan breaks or is malfunctioning, the entire unit can overheat and shut down. Given this repair’s complexity, it’s essential to have one of our qualified experts inspect your air conditioner for further damage.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Are you looking for a unique HVAC solution for a hard-to-heat or cool space? We’ve got just the technology for you. Introducing Ductless Mini-Split Systems, an energy-efficient cooling system that reaches remote places of your home. Here are some things to keep in mind when comparing Ductless Mini-Splits to more common home heating or cooling systems:

✔ Higher Upfront Costs

Ductless Mini-Splits can save you money on your energy bills in the long-run, but don’t forget that initial installation costs tend to be steep.

✔ Cooling Accuracy

Ductless Mini-Split Systems are modular and mobile, giving you the freedom to place them in hard-to-heat or cool areas of your home.

✔ No Ducts Necessary

Ductless Mini-Split Systems don’t require your home to be outfitted with ductwork, helping to save money and place the systems wherever you see fit.

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    Korey and helper(missed his name) were great, the best helpful informational and very knowledgeable with mini split systems. Very... read more

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    Joi R.

    Korey is the best! We have used Arthurs for a few years and always appreciate the attitude, customer service... read more

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  • Korey came out, on time, and was very quick, friendly and informative. The guy was just super kind and just... read more

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    Arthur's is the best HVAC service company I have used in the OKC metro area. Brandon just came out to... read more

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    Duane came out to our home even after he was off his on call shift! Top notch and extremely professional!... read more

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